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Snapchat for Photographers & Small Business Owners

As a Photographer or Small business owner you might be wondering what is all the whooohaaa with #snapchat at the moment and is Snapchat for Photographers?


So… Is Snapchat for Photographers or just kids?

Isn’t that just an app for school kids to mess around on and waste time sending naughty pics of themselves to each other? Continue reading Snapchat for Photographers & Small Business Owners

#ASKSHANE Podcast | Canson Infinity Papers & more

2016 is here and we’re insanely busy already?!! It’s January right?? I’m so pumped it’s not funny Infact, I’m soooooo excited I can hardly sit still long enough to type this!! haha 

BUT…more important than all that, we want to hear from you! FEEDBACK time – before you do that read on below.

Are you next?
We have some spots available for our Photographers Spotlight section of our Newsletter and also to be featured on our site & social media sites 🙂 If you’re a Pro Photographer and you’re interested let us know now!!

We have some exciting things planned for a HUGE 2016 and a big part of that is giving back to our clients and helping you succeed online.   Continue reading #ASKSHANE Podcast | Canson Infinity Papers & more